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Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to make an Ideal Joining Kit?

As promised in my earlier post, Effective On-Boarding process-Step by Step approach, here is my post on How to make an Ideal Joining Kit?

Joining kit is a document which should be given to new joiner at the time of joining, to collect various information , both personal and related to statutory compliance.

Some tips to for your Joining Kit to make difference in your induction process:
  • Use Joining Kit as document to sell your company to new joiner. Hence design it like that.
  • Company do get Joining Kit printed with an attractive cover page where cover page talks about Company culture and what company feels about its employee with company logo on it.
  • Ensure quality of paper should be same. Font and other formatting should be identical. 


Welcome Note

This is the first page of Joining Kit and used to welcome new employee. Welcome note should be composed of following information.  

  • Welcoming new employee
  • Write brief about your company and its policies which are employee friendly.
  • Write about your website so that new employee can go through it to take more information.
  • Write about content of Joining Kit. You can also describe importance and relevance of each document.
  • Write about where to send filled Joining Kit along with other documents like educational proof, address proof, experience letter etc. This is for new employees who are joining at locations where HR is not situated.
  • Provide official HR email id for future communication.
  • Write closing message.
As every company is different hence I am leaving text to written on Welcome note on you although I have provided sample Welcome note along with other sample documents / forms for Joining Kit.  Link provide at the end of the post to download.

Joining Report

This is a document which should be signed by new employee as confirmation that he has joined the company on a particular date and designation. 

Employee Information Form

This is a form which is required to take information which is not available in any other documents submitted by new employee or you want to take all information in one page once again by employee. This information further can be uploaded in your HR software. This form is signed by employee hence becomes authentic document for future references.

You can collect information depending upon your requirement through this form like marital status, family details, blood group, PAN, Driving license number, Passport etc. 

I have clubbed both formats (Joining Report and Employee Information Form) in one in the sample Joining kit provided for download. If you want, you can make two different forms.

I Card Format

This is the format which should be filled by employee attaching one of his photograph and same form can be send to I Card vendor to print I Card of employee. You can mention information you need to print Identity Card. Please do mention that employee should fill it in capital letter and neatly otherwise vendor can also make mistakes in spelling.

PF Form 11- PF Declaration Form

This form is used to get declaration from employee about his previous PF Account so that you can take decision on new employee PF deduction and his eligibility. Many times employer forgets to sign and stamp the form. So you should ensure that you sign and stamp each Form 11 once it is submitted by employee.

PF Form 2- Nomination Form

This form is used to get nomination from employee. Employee can nominate its family member to claim PF in case of employee death.

ESI Form 1-  (ESI Declaration and Nomination Form)

This form is only for employee who falls under ESI eligibility i.e. whose gross is less than or equal to Rs 15,000/-. Employee should fill the information and attach a full postcard size photograph and submit the same to employer.

Gratuity Nomination Form

This form is used to get nomination from employee for Gratuity Fund. Employee is eligible for gratuity only after completion of 5 years of continuous service or death  / disablement. You can refer to my post 13 Facts one should know about Gratuity Act in India to know more about Gratuity act and other useful information.

Confidentiality Agreement/ IPR Agreement

Confidentiality agreement is an agreement between employee and employer where employee agree to not share business, process, client and other important information outside company. IPR (Intellectual Property Right) agreement is required, where company is engaged in Research & Development work and want to ensure that its employees who are engaged in these activity should not disclose about research work outside.
I have provided two formats in Joining Kit. One format has both the agreements (Confidentiality and IPR) in one document where in second agreement which is NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is only about confidentiality agreement.

Any other Agreement

There are occasions when company want new employee to sign some other agreement other than confidentiality and IPR, in that case, you can also keep such agreement as part of Joining Kit so that new employee can read and sign at the time of joining the company itself. For example, company wants that no employee should join competition for next 3 years after leaving the company etc.

Self Declaration Form

This form is used to get acknowledgement from employee that he has understood company policies etc. and will abide by the same during his employment with company. You can add as many as acknowledgement in the form. For example, you can include acknowledgement of understanding Confidentiality agreement, IPR Agreement and any other important policy. This declaration will help in future, in case employee at any point of time, refuse to understand HR policies etc.

Form 12 B

This form is used to get declaration from new employee about his income from previous employer and various tax rebate he got in current financial year. This is used by department which is taking care of income tax. That department needs to know previous income etc so that they can evaluate new employee tax liability for rest of month in that financial year.
Investment Declaration Form

This form is used to get tentative tax declaration from new employee. New Employee need to mention about his tax planning so that based on this, department responsible for income tax, can calculate new employee tax liability and start deducting the same. 

Bank Account Opening Form

You should also place bank account opening form. Ask your Bank Relationship Manager to provide you Bank Opening Forms in advance so that you can place them in joining kit.

Check List about documents to be submitted by employee for Personnel file

You can also place a checklist for new employee so that he does not miss to submit relevant documents for personnel file. These documents are Address proof, ID Proof, Age proof, education proof, relieving and experience certificate from last company, photograph and acceptance of appointment letter.

Joining or Induction Feedback Form

This form ensures that new employee has gone through each and every stage of induction successfully. Let employee submit this form within 07 days of his joining so that he go through each and every stage of induction as there could be some activities which will be done after first day.

Following can be component of Induction Feedback Form:

  • Feedback on Basis Induction Steps
  • Feedback on induction about Organization
  • Feedback on induction about HR Policies and procedures
  • Feedback on required infra / asset received
  • Feedback on understanding of project by reporting manager and meeting other team members
  • Suggestions from new employee to bring improvement in induction process 

I will be happy if you can add few more documents which are required to make Joining Kit ideal.

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shiva pratap said...

It can serve as a beginners document for a new HR executive.Good.

Pushpendra Tiwari said...

Things have changed a lot and technology moved faster. Latest HR Tech offers now new joiners have access all the above ahead of their joining date, no need to filling multiple forms; it's just a click away...candidate will have all the forms printed and soft-copies for their future reference. I implement those solution for HR World :)

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Shiva, Happy that you liked this. This series of post is actually for new beginners and HR professional who have just started their career. Hope they will get benefited out of it.

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Push, How are you? Good that you took time to go through the post. Personally, i am great advocate of technology and its implementation in any field especially in HR as it my work field. Technology gives time to HR to work on HRD than HR Operation as technology take cares of it to great extent. This post is basically to make HR professional (new entrant) understand the concept and how they can implement it.

Major Sadhuram Chauhan said...

Good post for executive responsible for joining and induction formalities, thanks for going into the details.

Govind Singh Negi said...

Thanks Major Chauhan for your appreciation.

Soft Corner said...

Really, Appreciated such these post. Hope for more !!

Govind Singh Negi said...

Thanks Daljeet.

Sarita Pareek said...

Dear Sir,
Thanks for all formats. Really helpful for me & all others who have just started their career as HR.

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Sarita,

Thanks for your appreciation.

Nilesh said...

Dear Sir,

I am working for a foreign company branch in India from past 6.5 years. 1.5 years back company has decide to start up India incorporated office. that time company paid Gratuity to those employee who has completed 5 years. even i got my part. now after 1.5 years i resigned will i be eligible for Gratuity for balance 1.5 years?

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Nilesh,

I am assuming that you have resigned from old company and joined in new company (Indian). In this case you will not be able to claim for gratuity now.

Nilesh said...

Dear Sir,

I was working for S'pore based company with branch in India. Being branch of S'pore based company we are not allowed to do business INR currency so management has decided to open Indian Incorporated company. so without resigning i have been moved from S'pore company with branch in India to there new Indian incorporated company. Company paid gratuity for all staff who completed 5 year and I was one of them. After that I was still working with them till date and now i resigned from my position. So my total span with this company is 6.5 years out of which 5 year I worked with S'pore company with Indian branch and 1.5 years I worked for there Indian incorporated company. For both companies directors are same. so now my concern is as i already got gratuity for 5 years will I get gratuity for remaining 1.5 years?

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Nilesh,

I think i have replied to your query in our HR Forum.

Rocky said...

Hello Negi,

thank you very much for your information.
it will certainly helpful for the new entrants.

thanks & regards,

Govind Singh Negi said...

Thanks Rakesh for your appreciation

Unknown said...


We studied in galgotia's a well known institute in greater noida. they took 10,000 rs as a security amount from each student and today its been 3 years i passed out from the college and they have not given us the security amount back.

they have not given the amount to many batches running since 2004...

Is there any way to get the security money back?

Unknown said...


We studied in galgotia's a well known institute in greater noida. they took 10,000 rs as a security amount from each student and today its been 3 years i passed out from the college and they have not given us the security amount back.

they have not given the amount to many batches running since 2004...

Is there any way to get the security money back?

Unknown said...


We studied in galgotia's a well known institute in greater noida. they took 10,000 rs as a security amount from each student and today its been 3 years i passed out from the college and they have not given us the security amount back.

they have not given the amount to many batches running since 2004...

Is there any way to get the security money back?

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Richa,

you need to file a legal case against institution.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing such great information. It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on Life Insurance Calculator,i am interested and would like to know more about this field and wanted to understand the basics of Life Insurance

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Sir.. It was really helpful to me... Thanks thanks and thanks..

Amisha said...

Dear sir
Vry informative. ..
Kindly help me wth my queries plz..I have worked with an organization for 6 yrs but due to some unavoidable circumstances I had to leave the job without servicing my notice my question is am I eligilble for gratuity. ...plz reply...thank you sir

J said...

Hi, i just hav one qts in my mind. I hav completed 4yrs and 7 mnths in my current orgn. Am i eligible for gratuity now. Or when i will be for gratuity? Do i hav to actually complete more that 5yrs in current orgn to get gratuity, or can i resign before xompleting tyrs n become eligible for gratuity.

How would i come to knw if my current orgn gives gratuity to employees, because when i askd to my Hr recently about it, they told me that now they are covering gratuity in ctc only. So how would i knw if my gratuity amt is getting covered in my ctc?

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

i have joined company on 1st may 2012 and company converted our employment agreement to fixed term employment on 1st January 2016 because company was in bad crunch. i am still working with the same company and have completed 5 years on 1st May 2017.

Kindly let us know, if i am eligible for gratuity? i look forward to hear from you asap.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Govind Sir,

could you please help with the above query?


Sanchita Agrawal said...

Hi Sir,

Please let me know if an employee has worked for 5 yrs 6 mths then he is entitled for 6 yrs Gratuity but if notice period of 2 months is included in 5 year 6 month then also the person is eligible or notice period is excluded.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Dear Sir, It is really awesome!!

And one thing need to be corrected that ESIC Form 1 applicable for those who are drawn 21000 or below. But it has mentioned as 15000.

Anil Kumar said...

If the person worked from 6th October, 2014 to 31st May, 2019 and the total tenure is 4 years 7 months, will he get the gratuity. Please confirm.

If yes, please provide the necessary text in the act by which Organization can release the gratuity.