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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

3 Basic steps to do before candidate joining!!

3 Basic steps to do before candidate joining!!

In continuation to my endeavor to help people who wanted to make their career or just started their career in HR where I am sharing knowledge on how to build HR department and its processes from scratch as mentioned in my previous blog Step by Step guide to set up HR Department in an organization.

Today we will talk about pre joining formality process.

This is the stage which is after offering and before joining of candidate.

You can also see my views on How can we increase possibility of candidate joining after offer letter?

Following are those 3 steps which you need to follow to ensure that when candidate joins, he don’t feel like left in isolation. Basic arrangements are made well before he joins. At-least those which can be made before candidate’s joining.

Intimation to admin department 

You should ensure that you send intimation mail to admin department about possible date of joining of candidate so that admin department can make necessary arrangement related to infra / equipment required by candidate. Here timely intimation is very important. There could be chances that admin need approval for purchase of new laptop, data card, mobile or any thing else. If you will intimate them just few days before candidate joining then they might not get time to arrange for such approval and procurement of required infra provided you should have enough time between offering candidate and his joining. Hence it is suggested to share intimation to admin department just after you send offer letter to candidate. Another good idea is to share intimation with them when request is raised for additional manpower.
To ease the process, admin department should maintain a master list of infra requirement for each profile so that they can refer the list whenever they get intimation from HR department about candidate joining.

Intimation to IT department 

Intimation should also be sent to IT department so that they can set up laptop or configure laptop and create official email id for new joinee. If you have email id ready then you need not to rush in morning when candidate joins you.
Another good idea, to ensure that everything is ready, you can seek confirmation from admin and IT department about readiness from their side.

Be in touch with candidate

Be in touch with candidate atleast twice before his date of joining. I would suggest 15 days before and one day before his date of joining. During that conversation you can also remind him about various documents which he need to take along with him on DOJ.

These 3 steps will ease your efforts to complete candidate joining formalities. I know these are basic things but very important so don’t miss them.

In next blog we will talk about joining formalities in detail.

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anjali said...

Dear Sir,

I have been following this process in my recruitment process. We ensure that the admin related things are there prior to candidate joining.

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Anjali,

Agree that these steps are basics but very important. I would like to know that are you doing some other activities before candidate joining? If yes, please do share so that everyone can learn from those

Seema Bhoi said...
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Seema Bhoi said...

Great pieces of write up are these. Good work!

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Seema,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Anonymous said... would really help me a lot...


Govind Singh Negi said...

Thanks for your appreciation.

Anonymous said...

after getting offer letter can i mail to hr ? if i face any problem regarding accepting offer letter?

Govind Singh Negi said...

Dear Friend,

Your query is not clear to me.

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