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HR Services1

Friday, 29 March 2013

Launch of new HR Forum to discuss HR related queries.

With help of some of same minded HR professional, we are successful in launching a new HR forum where HR professional can come together to discuss about various HR related issues and senior HR professionals who are member of this HR forum will help resolving their queries.

In the HR forum, there are various sub forums where a member can share query. These sub forums are :


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Anonymous said...

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Outsourcing Services India said...

Thanks for sharing the HR related forums.Outsourcing the HR Roles helps an organization to access the skilled resources.

Shree Dabas said...

Dear Sir,

good morning and have a good day ahead!!!!!!

My name is krishan, and i have been working for a developers for last 7 years. i want to get info, about gratutity and notice time period in case of downsize manpower in real estate industry.

as i mentioned early i am working in sales with a developers since jan 2011, in last months i recieved a mail by Hr abour downsize manpower, and mangement decided to discontinue your services and relieve you from official assignment and you are one month notice of time.

i had asked to mangement for 3 months notice time or 3 months salary in lieu, management said no, i asking regularily to HR ABOUT MY GRATUTITY AMOUNT, but they are not responding.

please guide me what should i do, how can i get juctice, where i should go for juctice....please help me sir,

thanks & Regard


Indumathi Deva said...

Highly appreciate this effort. Was looking out for this domains to learn the basics of the HR Services management from the experts.
And now this has been made simple.