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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

HR Challenge-How to identify right fit for your company?

Traditional hiring is outdated now where HR use to line up candidates and ask them to meet hiring manager after asking some routine questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Why you want to change your job?” etc. HR is now playing a vital role in ensuring that person getting hired should be fit for organization along with technical fitment. HR need to ensure that person hired should also be evaluated on fitment with organization culture to avoid early attrition. Organizations have understand cost of hiring wrong candidate now, who do not fit to company, hence there is always a huge pressure on HR to ensure hiring of a right fit candidate.

Fitment to company culture

Every organization has a culture which is different from other. As HR professional, we should know about our culture well and kind of people who will fit into it. It can be small thing as working hours and kind of flexible work hours which company provides or most important one like career growth path an employee can get in organization.  HR should be sensitive about fitment of a candidate with its organization culture. 

Let’s say, a candidate who has been working in 5 days a week pattern will feel hesitant to join a company which is 6 days a week pattern. Candidate has a life style based on 5 days a week working and suddenly when it changes, he feels un comfort and try to look for change.

If your company culture is driven by outcome and not by number of hours a person spends in office or you may ask a person to work after office hours due to global presence for video calls etc, then you need to see how much a candidate is comfortable with all this. 

If your organization believes in capabilities and not in number of years a person spends in your organization for promotion then you need to ensure that candidate should be motivated to give results and his past experience should reflect the same. Candidate who have grown in same company, meaning being promoted are the one who have proved their capability to deliver. So you can see that angle.

HR should keep their conversation in line to understand fitment of candidate to organization culture. HR needs to take a cautious decision after conversation with candidate. Not necessary that all the aspects should match but no negotiation on critical one.

Profile match is critical

Now a day, a HR professional is successful only when he knows about business and its processes. HR should know what a business unit does and various job profiles present in that business unit. Also what are deliverable of a job profile. This way HR will know what kind of person will fit into.

HR should ensure that candidate is fit for the profile and kind of work person need to do. HR should double check with candidate and ensure profile match. A candidate may agree to do work which he has never done just to grab the offer but HR should identify interest level of candidate before taking final decision.

Recently, we were looking for a person in IT who can take up both desktop and networking level assignment. I come across many candidates who agreed to do the job but during conversation with them I have felt that they actually wanted to go to networking and less interested in desktop level work. Reason was quite simple, they feel that they have already crossed the stage of desktop level engineering. Fair enough. 

Then we decided to find a candidate who is in desktop engineering and have networking certification and looking to make career in networking field. Such candidates will fit to the profile as they have no hesitation in handling desktop level work and learn networking together.

Candidate’s expectation from company is utmost important

It’s not about what a company want, it is also about what a candidate wants. You must have come across many cases where candidate say no to company due to various reason. It can due to profile mismatch, salary expectation, working hours etc. Hence HR should always ask what does a candidate wants from his new job assignment and company. Accordingly HR should take his call. Respect candidate expectation.

Trust me, a good hiring takes time but it is worthy spending time. There are occasions when a candidate is selected from technical rounds but got rejected on HR front. Do not be in hurry to fill your positions to meet your deadline to hire but ensure that hiring should be right fit. 

I would suggest you to do a simple analysis to find out hiring quality. You can make data showing employee left in a particular duration after joining. If number of employees leaving within 6 months are higher- this means that there is something wrong in your hiring process which need your immediate attention.

Please do share your inputs on this.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mobile Recruitment- Next Generation Recruitment Tool

You must have heard about “Mobile Recruitment” and if you are confused what does it mean then this blog post will help you to understand it better.

Now a day, every person has mobile phone and gradually potential candidates are shifting towards smart phones. Smart phones are capable of doing many things. You can surf internet, you can chat, send audio / video and can download various apps (applications) for any purpose. People are using smart mobile phone for almost everything. Smart phones are now taking place of laptops and becoming smarter day by day.

Many industries and companies are using smart phones for their product sale. Reaching to a person through smart phone is easier now a day. Similarly, companies have understood the power of mobile and started using it for purpose of hiring employees. Especially, Companies involved in recruitment business have started using mobile phones for attracting potential candidates. 

Well here is Wikipedia definition of mobile recruitment:

“Mobile Recruiting is the act of finding job candidates actively and passively through the use of mobile career pages and internet recruiting strategies through social platforms. Mobile recruiting is a dynamic and growing industry with over 19% of job seekers using mobile devices to search for jobs. 

Traditionally, recruiters have used tools such as online job boards like Craigslist, but the increase in mobile subscriptions has led to new strategies such as mobile search engine optimization, mobile career pages, and highly targeted mobile recruitment campaigns. 

This has lead to the rise in popularity for mobile recruiting software and social recruiting tools. Most notably, specialized solutions such as Work4 have shown that mobile and social recruiting is an effective method for fulfilling hiring initiatives.”

Let’s see how this works. As mentioned, it is simply about using mobile phone technology in recruitment. 

There are following ways by which mobile technology can be used for recruitment.

Sending SMS to candidate

Use of mobile phone technology can be as simple as sending sms to candidates informing them about suitable job openings. This is the simplest way to use mobile technology. Candidate need not to have smart phone for this. SMS can be received through ordinary phone. Candidates can go online and apply for the job which is mentioned in the sms.

Mobile supported websites

Every company use website for recruitment. Generally companies have a webpage dedicated to recruitment where candidates can view various open positions, upload resume, can know status of their application etc. Job portals have many other options available. 

But normal websites which are opened in web browsers are not compatible at mobile phone. Although, such websites can be opened in smart mobile phones but experience to surf such website on smart mobile is not pleasant. You can try opening normal website on smart phone and you will realize the difference.

Websites are designed especially for usage on mobile phone so that it can be viewed on mobile phone properly so that candidates have a better experience which means more application against an opening.
Recruitment apps for smart phones

You must be using various apps which are available for your smart phone. Recruitment companies have realized power of such apps hence start making apps which can be downloaded to smart phone and through which candidate can login to access job portal where candidate gets are features like view job openings, apply for job etc.

These apps are easy to use and faster than website. Candidate can get notification from recruiter in case of any new suitable position comes.

Beyond Recruitment

Companies are using mobile technology not only for straight recruitment but social recruitment and employee referral. 

Companies through their mobile enabled web sites can connect to their employees all the time where employee can be updates about company’s updated news, watch videos, can refer a friend and even attach linkedin profile of friend. HR gets intimation of such referral on company website and can respond. Employee is aware about status of his referral all the time.

There are various companies which are engaged in mobile recruitment technology and helping others in building mobile enabled tools. This is just a starting of this era and a long to go.

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