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Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is Buddy Program and how to design it?

What is Buddy Program and how to design it?

Possibility of an employee leaving company is higher in first 3-6 months as this is the time when new employee tries to adjust in the new system. If HR of the company can work on ensuring that these new employees feel comfortable during initial phase of their employment, then they can put a break on attrition at early stage.

Hence, BUDDY PROGRAM can be considered as one of the way to ensure orientation and retention.
Orientation and retention are all about making your new employees feel at home. That also means helping them understand your organizational culture and politics. A buddy program is a great tool to assist in both of these objectives.

I have also experimented Buddy program and would like to share my experience with you guys.

Buddy program is quite simple. Every new joinee is associated with one of the employee who is from the same project and associated with company since few years and knows about company policy, culture, who is who and project details. This person is called Buddy of that new joinee.

During few initial months new joinee is reserved as he tries to understand the organization. Buddy helps new joinee in many ways. some of the them are listed below.

  • Helping him to understand culture of company. 
  • Helping him to understand how small to small processes work in company.
  • Helping him to understand basis rules and regulations.
  • Helping him to understand small project details.
  • Helping him to settle down in the system.

Please do implement the same in your organization and share your views with all of them.

Some of the things which you should keep in mind while implementing this system.
  • Ensure you ask employees to nominate themselves to be buddy of new joinees. This has to be volunteer and not forced.
  • Ensure that you select right person who is engaged with organization and satisfied as Buddy else you he can impact new joinees in negative way.
  • Keep taking feedback from new joinee in between so that you know the progress.
  • Take feedback from manager also on new joinees and see how this system working.
  • At the end of the Buddy program, do take written feedback. Download copy of feedback questions format
  • Keep duration of buddy program for 2-3 months. Too long and short duration will also not give desired result.

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Anand C said...

I totally agree with the views of Govind. In my company, we have a robust buddy program for 2 weeks wherein we ensure that the new joiners are felt at home & settle easily.

Even though some might feel this time frame is short, we ensure that as much contact happens with new joiners by the buddies . This has been effective to an certain extent. We measure the success of this program by the New hire experience feedback survey.

Govind Negi said...

Dear Anand, Thats great.. infact, i appreciate your efforts to find out effectiveness of such system and new joinee feedback is one the best way to do. Appreciate

lata said...

Dear Govind,

Can you please tell which company's are adopting this BUDDY programme in India?


Govind Negi said...

Dear Lata,

I may not be able to give your particulars of the other companies using the same but surely my company (cannnot name) do use the system and get benefited out it.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide a copy of the questionnaire to improve the Buddy Program

Gemma Thompson said...

Does anyone have the questionnaire to improve the Buddy Program that they would like to share with me.

Govind Negi said...

Dear Gemma,

Please share your email id. We can provide the sample questionnaire copy to you.

theultimatewinner said...

to me too please!! (

Govind Negi said...

Dear Nitin,

Hope you have received the material on your email id?

Himshikha Khati said...

Can i also get a copy of questionnaire on my mail id i.e

Govind Negi said...

Dear Himshikha,

Check your mail.

sowmini said...

pls provide me the list of questionnaire my mail id

Govind Negi said...

Dear Sowmini,

Please check your mail.

Shilpi Sharma said...

Can i also get a copy of questionnaire on my mail id-

Govind Negi said...


Rashi Joshi said...

Sir I also need the questionnaire to understand the process

Govind Negi said...

Check your email id.

john zacharia said...

Can i also get a copy of questionnaire on my mail id-

Govind Negi said...

sent. Please check your email.

Neha Bajaj said...

Hi Govind,

Can you pls share a copy of the same at

Thanks for the help!


Govind Negi said...

You can download from below link:

YP said...

pls send me a copy of the questionnaire too....


Govind Negi said...

You can download from below link:

Deepti said...

Hi Govind,

Can you please share the copy at:


Govind Negi said...

Dear Deepti,

You can download from below link: