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Friday, 18 January 2013

How to use online games in building employee's skills?

Games are always been a part of us. Now a days, online games have taken place of field games. No doubt, games teach us many things and helping us grow in many ways since childhood.

One day while going through online games website and exploring some of the games, I realized that these games can help building certain type of competencies and can also work as stress buster.

As a HR professional, I found many useful games available on web which can help employees in many ways.

·         Games like quiz, can help in building IQ or General awareness.
·         There are games which can be used as stress buster.
·         Some of the games, where you have four or more participants and minimum two players each side, help in team building.
·         Some of games where you need concentration help in increasing your concentration level.

After searching web, I found some of the useful website which provides such online games and good news that all of them are free for online uses.

Beware, Don’t let your employee be habitual to such website else it can impact their performance. So I hope as HR professional you will find these games useful for your employee’s training etc.

If you enjoy shattering and it makes you freshen up your mind then this game is for you. Find some squashing action in this famous game.

Kind of Golf game which let you pott all the ball in the craziest manner. its a wonderful entertainment puzzle game.

Its totally a mind freshener game. You need to click on three colored bricks trio, clicking will destroy them. You need to work fast. amazing game.

Fantastic Mind Puzzling game. Its for player who keeps a vision for only success. Place the blocks strategically on the board as tight as you can.

After you potted you other balls successfully then you need to pot the 8 Ball lastly to win. Its an amazing game. I used to play this a lot.

Can you reach the red planet. After landing you need to pick fuel, money etc to upgrade. Enjoy being in the air.

Throw and give tactics to required characters. Concentration is very much required. For me its a great fun.

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bhupi said...

As I am into gaming I know the importance of games in our stressful routine life. They do make us stress free to a major extent. I do play games a lot. Thanks for some interesting games list. I will definitely give them a go today. Thumbs Up for this post.

Manoj Kumar said...

This was really so very interesting and fun for me to play. I have enjoyed playing this gmae much. This was great.

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monika singh said...

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