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Monday, 14 January 2013

Do you think a HR Professional should have sale skills?

This is one of the questions, which I have asked myself during my experience in Human Resource field.

I think not only HR but almost all the profile should have sales skills. In case of HR Professional, Sales skill is very useful while interacting and making contacts with various people. if as a HR Professional you are not comfortable in social networking then it might be difficult for you to be a people person.

Employee like to share his pain, happiness, grievances during informal chat hence most of HR Professional consider informal grievance redressing a powerful tool to solve employees concern before it becomes formal grievance.

As a sales person try to convince his customer about the product and services he/she is selling, similar way HR person also need to sale his ideas, policies, processes and take buy in from employees.

This is about soft skills of sales which can be useful for HR Professional but now a days, HR itself is a business and many HR Professional who are in field of HR Business like Recruitment, Training, Employee outsourcing or HR Process Outsourcing etc have developed sales skills to get more and more client. In fact companies expect these HR Professional to participant in client retention also.

So my friends who are in Human Resource functional area are suggested to develop sales skill.
Please share your views in form of comments.

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bhupi said...

Although I am not from HR Profile but I believe, being communicative and making professional relations is very important aspect to have in each and every job profile or business.

anni said...

yeah i think HR Professional need sale skills.

Dev Parashar said...

It enhance u in u .....if u want to get motivated just spell it like: $ALE$

Keep Smiling..[its a tip 4 bttr sales ;)]

Shashi Jha said...

Good post Govind sir.The primary motto of any company is to increase market share.To achieve the bigger sales target HR personnel needs to hire more motivated sales people.So,any people from any Department must have a sales knowledge in order to achieve common goal of the company.

Thanks for your valuable inputs in my post in citehr.I posted in citehr but my reply post to you has not approved by citehr.

Warm Regards

Shashi S. Jha

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Govind Negi said...

Thanks Shashi for your inputs. Let me know in case you need any help.

Anonymous said...

Sir I read your blog wherein you have expressed your view regarding proffessionals. I appreciate
you. when now a days scope of HR part in companies are going down. Most of establishment are not giving any importance to HR proffessionals. This is only my suggestion that you should
do your endevour to increase its importance.
Anil Kumar Dwivedi

Govind Negi said...

Dear Mr Anil,

Thanks for your appreciation. I do agree that there are companies for them HR department is still like old Personnel department which exist to do statutory compliance, attendance and leave etc

But at the same time there are companies which understand the importance of HR and people working with them.

HR professional like my will keep giving their contribution.
Thanks for support once again.

Anonymous said...

sir, i think you r right now a days HR job and activities has been performed by outsoursing or by consultancy so they have to develop new skills and competency to survive in the competative world.

Govind Negi said...

At the same time, sales skill are required by internal HR team so that employee can buy in their points

Mahesh Repal said...

Being an astute recruitment professional, sales skill is utmost necessary in the area of HR where convincing people is part and parcel of the job. I believe that it is not only required in HR profession but in all where one has wish to excel high in their career.

I thank Mr. Govind Negi for starting this blog which will help empowering HR professionals especially new comers to explore mines of practically useful information on all HR facets.

Govind Negi said...

Dear Mahesh,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You are right, sales is the part of each and every profile we talk about today