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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Video Interview on Why Performance reviews don't increase performance?

Today, I had a great interactive Online discussion session  hosted by Nisha ( where my Co-panelist was Mr Shamik Vora ( This discussion was over various aspects of performance management.

Here are some points which were discussed during the discussion:

  • Why is Performance Management so broken?
  • What are the key requirements for implementing an effective performance management process?
  • What do employees and managers expect from performance management?
  • What do managers get wrong during a performance review process? What are some skills they need to master?
  • What are some effects of Performance Appraisal on Organization performance?
  • What does a Performance Based culture look like?

You can watch the Online video interview at following link. Do share your feedback

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Manu Bajpai said...

Hello sir,
I appreciate your views in the video. I am pursuing PGDM from IMT-Ghaziabad and this information is helpful for me as I want to enter HR domain.
If possible, please give your views about how to handle multi-cultured values in an organization?

Looking forward to more such discussions.
Thank you

Govind Negi said...

Dear Manu,

Thanks for your appreciation.

Request you to post your query on our HR Forum i.e.

I am sure senior members of forum will help you to get your answer.

Pratap Singh Bisht said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pratap Singh Bisht said...

There should be employee's online performance-data which evaluates equally through all Management, HR, Managers, and employees. This game is everywhere and is being transformed into political spats amongst individuals in the corporate more nowadays.

Management shouldn't intervene over HR when it comes about employee's performance/appraisal in order to demonstrate their right decisions independently and should be felt them educated more in comprehensive ways without taking any sides either its Management or Managers and employees that can be tracked by ONLINE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT only wherein an employee can not rate himself/herself based on achieved points/target...

Govind Negi said...

Dear Pratap,

Appreciate that you have shared your inputs. Very well said.

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